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New Cell Technology: NaTe

The first prototypes are already being tested with cell formats 26700 and 32140 and are
developed to series maturity. If you are interested, download the press release.

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Industrie Sectors

Our diverse product portfolio meets all standards across various industries


In the automotive sector, TerraE is driving innovation across the spectrum, from compact urban mobility solutions to utility vehicles and buses. Our battery cells are engineered to meet the diverse demands of modern transportation, offering unparalleled performance, durability, and reliability. Whether powering the next generation of electric cars, facilitating efficient urban transport, or energizing heavy-duty commercial vehicles, TerraE provides the energy backbone that the automotive industry relies on. With our cutting-edge battery technology, manufacturers can build vehicles that not only lead the market in efficiency and sustainability but also redefine what's possible in automotive mobility. Choose TerraE for automotive applications that demand the best.


For industrial applications, from tools to critical infrastructures, TerraE's battery cells are designed to power the full spectrum of today's industrial needs. Whether it's for mobile automation or energy infrastructure on the move, our versatile cells are engineered to handle it all. With TerraE, you gain the capability to support every industrial application, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and performance wherever needed. Trust TerraE to energize your industrial operations, making every project possible.

Information Technology

In the fast-evolving fields of Information Technology and Solar Energy, TerraE delivers unmatched battery solutions. Our products boast superior charge cycles and adhere to the highest safety standards, suitable for both cutting-edge IT and sustainable solar applications. We offer temperature-stable batteries that excel in second-life uses, demonstrating our versatility across all cell chemistries. With TerraE, you’re choosing a partner committed to providing the perfect energy solution for every application, ensuring reliability and performance for the IT and solar sectors

Medicine Technology

For the critical field of medical technology, TerraE stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Our battery solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of healthcare, emphasizing long runtimes, the highest quality standards, and exceptional aging characteristics. With a diverse range of cell sizes, we ensure that our batteries can power a wide array of medical devices, from portable diagnostic equipment to life-saving medical instruments. At TerraE, we understand the importance of reliability and performance in medical applications, and we commit to providing energy solutions that healthcare professionals can trust in every situation. Experience the TerraE difference, where superior battery technology meets the rigorous needs of the medical sector.

Application Areas

No matter your application, our tailored approach ensures we provide the perfect cell format to meet your specific requirements and challenges


At TerraE, we're at the forefront of e-mobility innovation, partnering with leading manufacturers to redefine transportation. From forklifts to excavators, our collaborations are crafting the future of propulsion technologies. Join us in shaping a greener, more efficient tomorrow.

Drive Systems

For those seeking the pinnacle of e-bike battery technology, TerraE stands unparalleled. Our expertise in high-performance cells sets us apart, making us the go-to partner for leading manufacturers. With TerraE, excellence is not just promised—it's delivered. Whether on land, in water, or through the air, we have the perfect cell for your application, ensuring unmatched versatility and performance across all terrains and environments. Experience the difference that superior cells make with TerraE.

Energy Storage

At TerraE, we're not just leading the way in energy storage; we're redefining it. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we excel in advanced cell chemistries, including cutting-edge Na-Ion technologies. This expertise ensures we find the perfect solution tailored to your application. With us, safety and performance go hand in hand, guaranteeing that you're not just investing in superior battery technology, but in a future where energy is limitless and secure.

Garden Tools

At TerraE, we're transforming garden and forestry care with leading-edge battery technology. Our range spans everything from chainsaws to robotic mowers, crafted to enhance your outdoor work. Specializing in power solutions tailored for any application, we ensure efficiency and effectiveness in nurturing the natural world. Discover the difference with TerraE, where innovative energy seamlessly supports your passion for garden and forest care.

Power Tools

At TerraE, we power the tools that build and create. Our advanced battery technology sets the standard for performance in the powertool industry, earning the trust of professional and hobbyist manufacturers alike. With cells that deliver unparalleled power and longevity, we ensure that whether you're on the job site or in the workshop, you have the energy to complete your projects with precision and efficiency.

Home Appliance

At TerraE, we're leading the way in home appliance innovation with a versatile range of battery technologies, including advanced Na-Ion and classic Lithium options. Our commitment to providing a diverse array of energy solutions ensures that your appliances not only meet but exceed expectations for safety, efficiency, and longevity. Whether you're powering smart home devices, kitchen appliances, or any other household essentials, our cutting-edge cells deliver unparalleled performance and reliability

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High Power

Empower your devices with batteries designed for superior performance and energy output.

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Expand your energy limits with batteries offering extensive power storage capabilities

Power Expansion

Meet the demands of any application with our versatile, high-energy battery solutions

Long Lifetime

Invest in reliability with batteries engineered for extended lifespan and sustained performance

Heat Control

Maintain optimal performance with advanced batteries designed for effective heat management