TerraE Opens Engineering Office for Cell Factories

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TerraE Holding GmbH has expanded to handle its planning activities by founding the subsidiary TerraE Engineering GmbH. A team of engineers will take over the planning activities for all future lithium-ion cell production factories within the TerraE group.

The team’s work includes site location evaluation, factory planning, supply chain management, industrialization, and research and development. Dresden was selected as the location. Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Sachsen mbH, an investment company focused on strengthening the equity bases of small and mid-sized companies, is one of the shareholders in TerraE Engineering GmbH.

“We’re glad to start the activities in TerraE Engineering GmbH as a way to expand the infrastructure and technologies planning team for cell production. Dresden is an ideal location, since we can find experience engineers and specialists there. In parallel meetings are being held with various interested state governments about the location of the production sites, so we can take the decision soon” explains Holger Gritzka, CEO of TerraE Holding GmbH.

TerraE Holding GmbH is planning large-scale lithium-ion cell production at two locations in Germany, and to have a total capacity of 34 GWh by 2028. The factories will be operated as “foundries,” meaning that TerraE Holding GmbH will build and operate the factories, where customers can have lithium ion cells produced to their specifications. In addition, TerraE will also offer its own standard cell products.

TerraE Holding GmbH was founded in May of 2017, after six member companies in the KLIB (Kompetenznetzwerk Lithium Ionen Batterien – Lithium ion battery competence network) formed an initiative to establish large-scale series manufacturing.

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TerraE Holding GmbH
Holger Gritzka, CEO
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